Primasis’s tremendous success is attributed to providing our clients with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Primasis offer end-to-end business solutions with a unique combination of business know-how and technology covering all enterprise operations while providing one-stop mission control. By combining practical industry-specific know-how with cutting-edge business management practices we ensure our clients get increased efficiency and better business performance.

We accomplish this by coupling and delivering our professional services with each and every software solution deployment. At Primasis, we believe it is important to have a single solutions provider and point of contact in which our clients can rely upon. Below, please find a list of the most common professional services we deliver to each and every client.

On Demand Application (SaaS)

The market that SaaS applications serve on demand is vast. Companies willing to change their traditional on-premises software will find their corresponding application in the cloud. We offer ready-to-use business applications including productivity tools for optimum long-term use. We provide you a software as a service with on demand application option. 

This system enabling you to choose or add feature related to your business. This on demand application Saas will saving your cost feature that you don’t really need. Beside that, this feature can provide you add on feature if the feature is not on Primasis list.


Implementing new technology can be challenging. If not done correctly, it can create big problems for your business, causing delays, productivity losses and budget overruns.System implementations are often derailed because businesses: fail to plan the project realistically, underestimate timescales to analyse, design, plan, test and execute the change, manage the project poorly, and fail to support staff with training or change acceptance. 

Few businesses have enough expertise to implement new IT systems on their own. Primasis can give you solution implementing system from our technology to your company system will run smooth and automated. This will make your business run flawlessly when the sytem implemented.


Implementing a modernized, single-platform B2B infrastructure provides multiple benefits and moves businesses into a future-ready state. Ultimately, what systems integration software/systems integration solutions look to solve is each and every unique IT problem with customized and seamless ways to connect modern environments with legacy infrastructure. There are scattered pieces of an organization’s information

subsystems that need to fit together into one well-coordinated, cohesive architecture or integrated application mesh. Primasis offers system integration to increase operational efficiency by improving the flow of information between systems. This can provide more transparency across your business.


Following installation, we provide training so that your team can work with the systems and software in the most efficient way. Once our system is fully installed in your system, you can request a training abour our product. This kind of service is one of the benefit that you can have. 

Our training is provided by an expert IT product with many years of experience. You can use this service by make an appointment to us whenever your team ready.


We provide a variety of consultation and valuation/value building services to our clients based on their desired outcomes with a focus on tangible results. Our approach is systemic, collaborative, and action-oriented. We are not only add Primasis solution to your system, we also provide consulting service. 

You can use this service anytime your company need. Our consulting service is provided by IT expert in their field. You can ask them anything related to our product or solution.


Primasis offer a holistic solution to your company. From the beginning implementing system until service support after our system running. Our service line is open to customers with a maintenance contract around the clock. We support our customers in the best possible way and to optimally react to customer needs. 

 We assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of our product. You can use this service to better use our product. Because for use, satisfied costumer is our goals.

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