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As you conduct your day to day business, we work in the background, finding ways to make you more efficient and effective.

Our product, BengkelNet® and LeasingNet® is an easy to use Software as a Services (SaaS) and the new industry standard of information processing management software tried to provide a powerful collaborative platform for general insurance companies and other industry such as financing and other related third-party within these industry.

BengkelNet offer an end-to-end integrated engine designated to communicate, transact, manage, and process all claims-related activities. Enabling insurance costumer to check claims status and costumer notification claims via a paperless, intuitive, and secure user-friendly B2C interface. LeasingNet offers an intuitive wizard that allows you to easily track financing process, create quote, booking, or contracts. Costumizable tariff management paired with an ergonomic quoting tool allows you to track lease application process effectively.

We assessing your requirements for assessment of business processes, improvement of existing business processes, and establishment of new business processes. We also implementing your solution, from consulting service & development of IT solution – including business and technical aspects, preparation of business requirements for new systems, until implementation of new systems.

On Demand Application (SaaS)

We provide you a software as a service with on demand application option. This system enabling you to choose or add feature related to your business.


Implementing system from our technology to your company systemn will run smooth and automated. This will make your business run flawlessly when the sytem implemented.


Increase operational efficiency by improving the flow of information between systems. This can provide more transparency across your business.


We provide training so that your team can work with the systems and software in the most efficient way.


We are not only add Primasis solution to your system, we also provide consulting service. You can use this service anytime your company need.


Primasis offer a holistic solution to your company. From the beginning implementing system until service support after our system running.

B2B Solution – Focused on the Industry

Making the shift from horizontal products to industry solutions boils down to differentiation. It’s not just the marketing and messaging variety but adding product capabilities specific to key industry segments that deliver exponentially more value than generic one-size-fits-all products or services.

B2C Solution, Focused on the Individual

Costumer have many different needs. That’s why we have a solution for costumer who needs claim solution. This system will focus to costumer centric or individual solution. For example if costumer car’s had an accident, they can choose which insurance company, service & workshop station, and what kind polis that they want. It’s all happen easily and directly in our system.

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