Evolving your business means more than having the right tools.

Primasis was started to solve the complexity in integrating all areas of an insurance company. Its approach consists in delivering integrated fast user friendly software designed by a team of over 40 years of insurance experience. Our product greatly simplifies company operation. This leads to substantial middle level workforce savings. In every implementation project our team assures total integration between departments following a mature and tested methodology which has guaranteed a 100% delivery success rate.

More competition causes a bigger window of opportunity for clients to switch between insurers. This has resulted in added pressure to be more competitive by focusing on providing exceptional customer service at claims stage in order to also retain customer loyalty in the long run.Part of the challenge for claims managers is to reduce the costs of processing insurance claims. In order to do this and improve on customer satisfaction, insurers are forced to look at ways to become more efficient. This often involves discarding legacy systems and replacing them with more flexible systems.

With Primasis you will have a great product solutions with multiple benefit. Such as drive down the cost per claim through automation, improve customer experience with integrated claims channels, reduce claim turn around time with automation, enable easy search for specific case, email integration and full audit trail of events, and spot irregularities in claims to alert you to potential instances of fraud.


BengkelNet is a claim management application that connects Insurance with Workshop, Part Supplier, and Customers in a digital system that is integrated with each other.


SurveyNet is an application that connects insurance customers with insurance surveyors in physical checks of cars that will be repaired via videocall and helps in scheduling surveys.


ClaimNet is a claim management application for cars with Total Loss Only (TLO) and Total Loss Accident status that connects Insurance with Corporate Clients / Leasing Companies in one digital system.


LelangNet is an auction application that connects Insurance with Buyers and can be used by Insurance parties to auction cars with TLA status. Buyers can participate in the auction directly, transparently, and easily.

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