Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type

Self Service web & mobile app solution that
enables the customers to self manage its policies

Primasis not only provide B2B solution, we also bring B2C Solution for our costumer. B2C Solution is a solution that can provide costumer needs related to claim insurance. As we know, costumer have many different needs. That’s why we have a solution for costumer who needs claim solution. This system will focus to costumer centric or individual solution. For example if user had an accident, they can choose which insurance company, service & workshop station, and what kind polis that they want. It’s all happen easily and directly in our platform and integrate to back-end of the respective Insurance company. This B2C Platform not only provide for automotive insurance but also every type of insurance within this industry.

B2C Ecosystem Model

Quote and buy insurance products

An insurance quote is an estimate of what your rate could be with a potential insurance carrier. Quotes are subject to change depending on how much information you give at the time of the quote. The more forthcoming you are with information, the more accurate your insurance quote.

Claim process follow up

With Claim-Follow up you are able to track and resolve any claim that you have been submitted. This feature can help you to track claim process activity step in this platform. For example, if your car had an accident, you can look all the process claim from the claim prosess until repairing session. It all happen and easily you can track in Premasis platform.

Policies Management

Costumer who had multiple policy insurance can add all of the polices in this platform. The policy holder can comfortable use this policies management just like manage account for saving or other finansial product. This feature will make your life easier when you had a claim issues.

Upload and download documents

Speed up your workflow by uploading documents, photos, videos, invoices and more in a single batch. Users can use this feature when they asked by Insurance & Financing companies for claim or lease application matter. Costumer also can use download document feature when they need fill the leasing or insurance form. Upload and download document can easily done in this platform.

Policy history

You can see summary of the claims insurance that we have been done in this platform. In this feature we can use our policy history. Beside that, this feature can track our installment in leasing company. We can track how many that we have done the installment. This feature will help costumer to see their history of claims and installment.

Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type