Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type

Automate and simplify the
complexities of Insurance business.

Primasis B2B Solution are designed to help insurance organizations speed up processes, reduce costs, decrease time to market and easily adapt to changing business scenarios without being constrained by legacy systems, limited resources and complex business processes. The Primasis’s Platform is designed for the Automotive, Life, Accident and Health insurance market and our core solution, BengkelNet® supports a wide variety of Lines of Business and Business Models to ensure insurance companies, large employers and third-party administrators can support their customers’ needs now and in the future. The digital & bigdata service that provide by Primasis enable a wide variety of direct to consumer, employer and distribution partner strategies and service models.

B2B Ecosystem Model

Exceptional Performance and Design

Best performance & easy to use when usability of the product is our goals. That is the reason we focused supporting in any aspect of dashbboard design. Its functional and intuitive approach to design makes working with forms, lists, documents, and photos a simpler and more natural experience.This kind of well crafted dashboard panel will bring you the best experience when using our product. Not only that, we also offer a user friendly of user facing app to our customers.

Scalability & Flexibility

Flexibility is a key when we talk about B2B solution. Many insurance company are looking best solution for their company. Primasis have a great flexibility system that your company looking for. We also bring a scalable system that you can use in your company. This scalability and flexibility will make our business grow bigger together in the future.

Built for Business

Whether you are a multi-national enterprise, a franchise group or a small local brand, you know that our business need a system that fit on your system. That is the reason Primasis make a system which well crafted build for B2B needs. We can offer you a guarantee that our solution will make your business running for easier and faster.

Government Grade Security

Security is critical to maintaining data integrity and trust. Primasis has focused on having enterprise-grade security from the start, and has fine-grained, certified security that is required to manage data and provide a shield against today’s cyber threats.

Easy to Integrate

Our system is very easy to integrate. Our solutions will processes by simplifying integration to your company system. You can create your own integration or leverage any of existing integrations. Primasis will help you to address of the way how to integrate the current system into Primasis’s solution without being hasle.

Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type