LeasingNET seamlessly integrates daily operations of an end-to-end lease process.

LeasingNET supports your entire vehicle lease workflow from prospecting and quick quoting, to producing contracts with account management, through to lease termination. Our easy to use LeasingNET software is ideal for car leasing or short term rental operations. With a very low total cost of ownership and the ability to integrate with your financial or accounting software, LeasingNET is perfectly suited for independent vehicle leasing companies or car dealer groups.

With the advent of sophisticated leasing software applications, it is now possible to automate entire workflow processes within an organization. Workflow automation in the leasing environment lends itself to a high degree of control over the typical processes followed by companies with tight security controls and access rights of users and roles. It also lends itself to planning, based on the data that is maintained by the system.

Lease Application & Applicant Management

One of the most important tools in your business is the lease application. This form is designed to provide you with the applicant information. With a thorough lease application, you greatly reduce your legal risk. You can also manage applicant direct from one platform. This feature will make your business more better.

Leased Asset Management

The system allows you to list each unit on the lease application, identify it with an unique ID, set the attributes of the asset. With leased asset management you will easily manage the entire leasing process — from the lease quote through the entire contract to reporting.

Credit Scoring Automation

When approving new application of the customers, all of the necessary factors involved in the credit decision process are received and scored. Credit management patterns proven to correlate most closely with all type customer risk, such as outstanding debt, length of credit history, late payments, collections and bankruptcies, and new applications for credit. Automating the credit scoring process will increases lease application volume and helps make better credit decisions to Leasing Company.

Detailed Reporting

Primasis provides one of the industry’s comprehensive reporting components for Leasing Company — a powerful and easily configurable data analysis module that can be leveraged by any products within our solution platform. We provide better insights into your lease application data to detect patterns and online reporting gives you access to real-time data, with a drag and drop interface for easier reporting.

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