Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type

As the growing specialist provider of
Claim Processing Management System Software

Insurance companies are facing challenges such as struggling to deliver on new customer demands and face lack of capability to add piecemeal elements to their existing operations quickly. There are a major issue facing the insurance industry worldwide. Opportunistic claimants as well as those with more malicious intent cause a heavy strain on claims management processes as time is spent on analysing fraud indicators and consulting databases. On top of time spent, payments made on fraudulent cases lead to misinformation and distortion in claim predictions as well as direct cost.

Other issue is poor integration, both with internal and external systems, this further escalates the complexity of insurer’s IT environments and contributes directly to many of the issues. The main risk associated with poor data integration is working with outdated or incorrect data, affecting payment levels and customer satisfaction. Businesses compete on how quickly digital innovations get to customers and workflow management software by PT Prima Sistem Informasi (Primasis) addresses this challenge.

As the growing specialist provider of Claim Processing Management System Software in the region, Primasis has developed deep core structures and processes which ensure customer needs are directly reflected in all aspects of our software design and development. Our strategic direction is clear and simple – we aim to deliver, with enthusiasm and professionalism, the best Claim Processing Management System and related services in the region.

Vision & Mission

The modern insurance claims process is increasingly complex. More variables and data are constantly coming into play, and carriers must determine appropriate settlements and flag potential fraud faster than ever. On top of technical challenges, insurers are dealing with their customers during stressful and vulnerable moments; times when the delicate balance of empathy and automation must be struck in order to give insureds the peace of mind they seek.

The shift to a mostly-automated claims process will likely take a decade, but given that the initial steps in the core claims system transformation process are so long, carriers that are not already taking action will risk falling behind. Customers’ expectations are increasing as their buying and servicing experiences outside their insurance needs impact what they expect from carriers. Advanced technologies can help tame the complexity of the process, but there is no substitute for the human element when it comes to providing reassurance and building trust.

PT Prima Sistem Informasi (Primasis) offers a leading provider of information processing management solution. Primasis was established in early 2017 with company registered in July 2018. We aims to become one of Indonesia’s leading providers of information management solution for financial services and insurance industry. We are committed to meet our client expectations, by continuing to provide high quality, timely and cost-effective solutions. In summary, we help our clients to “transform” - by taking their organizations from where they are today, to where they want to be tomorrow.

Why Primasys?

Fraud Prevention

Enhance your fraud prevention efforts that focuses on improving early detection.

Minimize Human Error

Our technology will make every workflow process smoother and automated so this system will minimize human error in certain process.

Automated Process

Business process automation is the key to increased efficiency. Our system will automated many process such as end-to-end claim.


Realtime & Auto-Adjudication

Real-time claim adjudication provides accelerated collections from major insurers.

Highly Scalable

Our solution can handle a large claim process transaction.

Easy Integration & Configurable

Highly configurable technology and integrate easily with your existing systems and technologies.

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Specialist for end to end digital claims processing platform that handles a variety of claim type